To give you an accurate estimate, a review of your current conditions is essential, in addition to knowing your specific requests. We encourage you to come see us in order to provide you with the best treatment plans available. In addition, we could present demonstrators to you in order to better visualize the final result.

Nowadays, in the design and manufacturing process, some steps are digital, but the creation of your teeth and your smile remains unique.

Yes. We do not discriminate against patients, and this is proof. Example - two sisters, one who pays directly and is reimbursed by the coverage of an insurance company or another that is covered by the RAMQ.

Full or partial reimbursement depends on your plan of coverage with the insurance company. Some plans also have price caps per benefit period. In some hesitation you might get a preliminary estimate.

The design and manufacturing time depends on the type of prosthesis chosen. Note that a few appointments with your collaboration and availability are necessary to achieve the result. However, during a meeting with one of our professionals, you will have an estimated deadline

Obviously, we meet all public health requirements. If you are unaffected by the virus or someone close to you, you will get an appointment. We ask you to come to your appointment in good health.

We are aware that the cost of dentures can represent a significant expense. Therefore, we could offer different financing options, according to your budgets and credits score.

Yes, we have the best technology in terms of dental prostheses on site and experienced technicians. Thus, emergency services are possible