Fixed dental prosthesis

It is the best prosthetic solution that exists today. The comfort of this type of restoration is equivalent to natural teeth. The natural and aesthetic looking prosthetic teeth are placed on a minimal structure, but strong and durable. By choosing this type of prosthesis, you benefit from more space in the mouth, no bulk for the palate or for the tongue. In addition, you can no longer forget, lose, or break your prosthesis.

  Two fixed prosthesis options exist:

  1. Fixed screwed

When you choose this type of restoration, you will feel that your teeth have grown back. And from now on, you need to brush and clean your dentures like natural teeth. On the other hand, only a licensed professional can unscrew the denture.

  1. Fixed removable

Restoration can be built on a structure with attachment. So, you get comfort and stability, but you can easily remove the dentures for daily hygienic maintenance.

Denture over dental implants

If you have no more natural teeth or you have few but they are not healthy and functional, you can opt for denture over dental implants. The denture stays tightly in place and is easily removable when you desire. Several options to attach the denture to implants are available: locator, ball and barre. This type of dental restoration provides functionality that is similar to natural teeth and assures a superb appearance. The procedure is offered to you in collaboration with professionals in dental implantology.

Complete denture

A complete denture is recommended for people who need to replace their natural teeth. It is made with pink color resin or acrylic to imitate gums and artificial teeth and is tailored to your face and mouth for the best possible appearance.

Partial denture

The partial denture is a removable appliance that allows the replacement of two or more natural missing teeth in order to improve speech, chewing and appearance. We distinguish between two main types: acrylic partial and metal partial. The metal we utilize in our practice is titanium, which is lightweight, resistant and biocompatible.

Denture repair

Your denture is broken or a tooth is missing? Call us and we can restore it with care. We specialize in fixing broken teeth and replacing missing teeth with prosthetics.

Denture Reline and Soft liner

If your denture doesn’t fit anymore because you have lost weight or your gums have changed during the last few years, it should be adjusted by adding some pink material, which is called reline. Additionally, on the bottom, we can add a cushion called a Soft liner to decrease pressure and expand comfort. The soft material is also porous, which allows it to adhere better to gums and improve stability.

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