Solution for ultra-resistant dentures

Do you know that Denture Clinic Solutions Sourire can offer you a solution for a more resistant denture? There is an option to add FiBER FORCE® to new or existing dentures so that the denture becomes three times more resistant. FiBER FORCE® also provides peace of mind compared to metal arches because its mesh material chemically bonds to your denture.

Reinforcement with FiBER FORCE® is custom made, lightweight, and looks great! Because it does not add any extra thickness to your denture, your denture stays comfortable.
For some denture wearers FiBER FORCE® denture is mandatory. For example:

  • If your full denture is combined with natural dentition in the opposing jaw
  • If you have a strong bite
  • If you have a removable implant-supported denture

By choosing FiBER FORCE® for your next denture, you can avoid the unpleasantness of having a broken denture. Please, ask for more details about FiBER FORCE® during your next consultation!


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