Suction of the lower prosthesis: Is it possible?

Are you having problems with your lower prosthesis? You're not alone

Other patients also report that their complete lower denture is not comfortable enough, moves and dislodges when they eat or talk. Indeed, it is difficult to achieve good suction with a lower prosthesis because of the constant movement of the tongue and cheeks. This makes conventional lower denture fabrication an unreliable solution.

The professionals at Solutions Sourire Denturology Clinic offer you a cutting-edge method for achieving strong suction of the lower denture. The surface of the denture in contact with the gums is specially shaped to create a vacuum effect when placed on the gums, effectively sealing the denture in place. This will enable you to continue your activities with unrivalled comfort and stability.

This precision technique is inspired by the work of the Japanese dentist Dr. Jiro Abe, and is based on a unique impression-taking process that will enable us to design a prosthesis adjusted to your natural jaw, tongue and cheek movements.
Thanks to our know-how and experience, we are confident we can offer you a personalized, meticulous service for your lower denture. Yes, a lower prosthesis with suction is possible!

Advantages of Suction Prostheses:

  • No lifting or shifting of the prosthesis
  • No need for unhealthy adhesives
  • Less need for adjustment
  • More natural feel
  • Better chewing ability
  • Alternative to dental implants

Differences between suction and other types of prostheses

Let's compare suction stocking prostheses with other choices available on the market.
If you're missing all your teeth, you need a complete denture that covers the entire oral cavity - i.e. all your teeth - and replaces them with false ones.

Implant-supported dentures

One of the options available to you is implant-supported dentures, which require surgery to implant the brackets directly into the jawbone. This keeps the prosthesis in place and prevents it from dislodging from its normal position. An implant-supported prosthesis is chosen when a person has sufficient jawbone structure to support the implants.

Traditional prosthesis

Another option is the traditional full lower denture, which requires no surgical intervention. However, the traditional manufacturing technique for this type of prosthesis does not provide the same stability in the mouth as the implant-supported prosthesis. Indeed, patients often report that their lower prosthesis comes loose during their daily activities. The lower full denture is much more difficult to stabilize than the upper one, which often allows suction on the palate for most people.

Suction prosthesis

Suction prostheses can provide implant-like stability without the need for surgery. This makes them a winning solution that many patients find easy to manage. Suction lower dentures are simply a revolutionary and highly effective technique for solving problems associated with adhesives, implant surgery or stability issues.


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